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Childminding services

Richmond location

Bring your kids to the gym

We offer childminding services so you can focus on your workout while your children enjoy a safe and fun environment. Our facilities are designed to keep your little ones entertained and cared for, giving you peace of mind and the opportunity to take some time for yourself.

Join us at RoadFitness and let us take care of your kids while you achieve your fitness goals!

Childminding services are available from 8 AM to 10:30 AM. For more details, please inquire.

At RoadFitness Richmond, we provide a fun and safe environment for your children, so you can take some time for yourself without worry. Our childminding facilities are kept clean and hygienic. Please do not bring your children to RoadFitness if they are sick or showing signs of fever, runny nose, cough, vomiting, or diarrhea. If they are too sick for school, they are too sick for RoadFitness!


Ensure your children arrive with clean nappies and have used the toilet before arrival. If necessary, you will be notified and asked to attend to your child during your class or workout. Please bring only water in a non-spill drink bottle, clearly marked with your child's name. No food is allowed in the childminding area due to allergies. Our childminding area includes toys, blocks, books, chairs, and tables for children to enjoy.

Please note, that our childminding is a complimentary service available exclusively to RoadFitness group fitness members.
24/7 members pay $3 for casual childminding services and non-members $5

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