Road Fitness PTY LTD

Conditions Of Entry


I. Bringing in non-members outside of hours with our permission will in-cure a $50 fee per person entering the premises. Reoccurrence of this offence will result in termination of membership on spot.

II. Vandalization or damage caused to premises or property is the financial responsibility of member in question. Membership will also be terminated.

III. Access tag MUST be scanned at entry every visit, failure to do so may incur fee. 



I. Fees will be taken from nominated credit card or bank account every fortnight on the Tuesday registration falls.

II. Fees charged are the fortnight to follow payment.

III. Debiting day will always fall on a Tuesday, we can change the week which you are charged but not the day.

IV. If collection of membership fee is tried and failed 3 times without contact, your account will be sent to debit collection and a collection fee will be charged.

V. Any failed debits will incur a fee of $21.90 designated by our debiting company (ezidebit) *subject to change at debiting company's discretion. Notice will be given for any changes via email.

VI. Any changes to bank account details must be given in writing at reception or via email roadfitnessgym@gmail.com.

House Rules


• Put your weights away

• Always use a towel (we have towels available for purchase)

• NO work boots

• Functional area is prioritised to classes

• No dropping weights or slamming equipment

*Failure to follow these set rules may result in written warning & termination of membership.

Pauses & Cancellations


I. Pauses, cancellations, change of bank or card details needs to be received in writing and sent to roadfitnessgym@gmail.com to be processed. Confirmation or directions with how to proceed will be given on termination/ changes of contract.


II. We will allow a maximum pause/ suspension of 3 months on any contracted accounts. We will not accept an open ended pause/suspension of membership under any circumstance.

III. We reserve the right to deny a pause without just cause of the member and instead offer cancellation option, depending on contract a fee may apply.

IV. No refund of memberships will be given unless charge is made after cancellation date without cause.

V. No pauses will be placed on accounts longer then 3 months, if longer then dictated time you may pay your agreed upon cancellation fee and cancel current contract.

VI. Any pause added to the membership does not count as time served in contract and will be added on top of contracted time, I.e. if 3 months of paused payments is added to membership you are still contracted to 12 months paying contract, making your term commitment 15 months with us.

VII. You are bound by the membership term you have agreed upon, you must give written notice to Road Fitness PTY LTD to terminate any agreement and pay out any fees agreed upon at time of registration before contract is ended.

*Premises is under 24hour surveillance.