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RoadFitness is a Boutique 24/7 gym that specialises in results-driven group fitness and personal training.


Our vision is to revolutionize the fitness industry by creating the world's premier

boutique gyms that empower everyday individuals to reach their full potential.

Fuel your fitness journey at Roadfitness!

Workout app 

Bridge the gap between a 24/7 gym and having a personal trainer for only $10.99 per month with our workout app.


With our app, you can easily learn what to do and watch proper technique, all while following programs that have been designed by professional coaches and have been proven to work. Simply push start and follow our workouts, with programs updating every 4-6 weeks.


Our app is easy to follow and easy to use, and we've created it to give RoadFitness clients better results. However, you don't need to be a RoadFitness member to enjoy the benefits of our app

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Join a crew of up to six people, working together to boost strength, cardio, and confidence.

Training - Nutrition - Accountability = RESULTS
Our Methods

Try us for 30 Days. 

Come try our 30 day kickstart program. No strings attached. This is the perfect amount of time get the full ROAD FITNESS experience and find out if this is the perfect fit for you.


30 days is a good amount of time get good results, build new habits, and learn the principles that you can carry on into the future.


Road Fitness Richmond is amazing.
State of the art new equipment, great trainers and support, the classes are set for new and existing clients, the trainers are supportive, the front desk is always welcoming.


The gym has a great vibe and isn't over crowded. There's a little kids play area central to the gym so you can see the kids from anywhere while you train. So great to have Yoga on Saturdays to stretch and relax after a solid training week.


This gym has been prefect for for me.
Such friendly staff always around to say hi or help out when needed.

For someone who hated the gym this place is like my second home now. Not only for fitness but my social life.

There is everything here to help you reach all your goals, from personal training, classes, 24 hour gym and nutritional coaching.
Thanks for everything RF team your truly.



Road Fitness is like my second home! And has been for the last 4 years. It's always clean, plenty of space to train & the team is so friendly!

Many of my friends and family train here now because like me enjoy the atmosphere, new equipment & what RF stands for.


Road Fitness is an amazing gym and I have been training there for a quiet a while. They have excellent equipment and Danielle is always at the reception desk when I walk in. The staff is so supportive and helpful.



This (kids corner) is one of the best parts of RoadFitness. The family vibe!

Not having to worry about me and my wife being home to watch the kids before going to the gym.

The fact that we can just bring them along is a life saver. It also helps introduce them to goal setting and a fit lifestyle.




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