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Richmond Foundation Membership


Don't pay until we open July 1st

24/7 GYM

Richmond Foundation Membership - Richmond Location

$15 PW

Richmond Location

12-month contract

Richmond Foundation Membership - multi location

$15 PW

Multi Location 
12-month contract 

Richmond Foundation Membership - multi location no contract

$20 PW

Multi Location 
No contract

Richmond Foundation Membership


Richmond Foundation Membership - Group Training

$80 PW
$55 PW

Richmond Location

6-month contract

Richmond Foundation Membership



We're opening July 1 straight after at open day party 🎉 


All memberships, give you access to both locations except for if you opt in for the $13 a week foundation membership for Richmond. Alternately you can choose a $15 membership which would your access to both 


Yes, pretty much exactly the same just bigger 😉


We currently have an amazing team in place and are not actively seeking new hires at the moment. However, if you believe you possess exceptional qualities and would be interested in joining our organization in the future, we invite you to visit us in person. If we find that you align well with our company culture, we can further explore potential opportunities together.


The program will be the exact same at both locations. 


Absolutely! When individuals become members of our group fitness or personal training programs, they are provided with a success session upon joining. During this session, we cover essential nutrition protocols and set achievable targets to support their fitness journey.
Moreover, for those seeking personalized and specialized nutrition coaching, we are delighted to offer the expertise of our exceptional in-house nutritionist. Their extensive knowledge and guidance can help you reach your specific goals and optimize your nutritional well-being.

You bet! We've got the 30 Day Shred happening at Richmond! It's our top-notch program that helps everyday people like you achieve awesome results and kickstart their fitness journey. It's the best way to give us a try for a full 30 days, and there are absolutely no strings attached. We're planning to kick things off on July 3rd, the first Monday when we're back in action. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity!


Yes of course! We have an unsupervised kids corner right near the class area. We try make it as easy as possible. Some kids sit inside and play (we have toys and a TV), some stay in the pram and some like to sit in the seats. It’s whatever works. Our main priority is the kids stay safe and the parents get in a good workout.
Parents can stop at any time to attend to their kids. 

We have it supervised for the 9.30 mums Mon-Wednesday- Fridays 

When is Richmond opening? 

Can you use both locations? 

Is it going to be the same as Rivestone?

Are you hiring?

Are the classes the same as Riverstone?

Do you offer nutrition advice with your training?

Is there going to be a 30-day shred at Richmond?

Do you have a kids corner?

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