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About Us

The Road Way!

Welcome to RoadFitness, your Boutique 24/7 gym.


We specialise in results-driven group fitness and personal training. RoadFitness provides a unique training experience with the latest equipment and classes, all in a welcoming and friendly environment.


Our mission is to empower you to lead a healthier life through accessible, enjoyable, and effective fitness. Welcome to RoadFitness, where we're not your typical gym

Ange & Jules - owners of RoadFitness

Our Story

Founded in 2014, Jules started doing fitness sessions in his garage. He wanted to bridge the gap between beginner gyms and hardcore fitness centers by teaching everyday people the right way to get fit in a fun and friendly environment.

With Ange's support, Jules couldn't keep up with the sign-ups and asked her to join him full-time. They worked hard for the next six years, upgrading their garage gym bit by bit. Money was tight, but they focused on building relationships, delivering results, and providing an amazing client experience.

Meanwhile, Ange became a busy mom, having had three kids in three years, with another on the way. Jules kept growing the business while Ange juggled motherhood and work. Together, they built a strong brand and an incredible team.

Now, Jules and Ange have big plans. They want to create some of the best gyms in the world, with 24/7 facilities, results-driven group training, and top-notch personal training. Road Fitness is their passion project, and they're ready to take it to new heights.

Road Fitness started in a garage, but it's become a symbol of determination, love for fitness, and the power of dreams. Jules and Ange are proof that with hard work, perseverance, and a little bit of craziness, anything is possible. Join them on this exciting journey as they redefine the fitness industry and inspire people to live their best lives.


Client Testimonial

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